Small pellet stove
pellet fireplace
Most advanced features on our Pellet Stove:
1. Outside: steel-powder coating.
2. Inside: monobloc steel structure, hand welded, heat-resistant up to 1200°C with high temperature paint.
3. Door: carbon steel, high temperature resistant, with ceramic-glass.
4.Removable ash box: it collects the ash fallen through the holes in the brazier.
5. Glass-self cleaning: designing wind to blow ash from the glass keeps the glass always cleaning.
6. LCD control panel: it is placed on the upper side of the stove, simple and easy to be used. It is possible to plan the weekly switching on and off of the stove    (weekend included).
7.Thermostat: The stove can keep the room's temperature stably. The temperature can be selected by users both on the panel and remote control, showing        on the display.
8. Four steps power setting: it is up to your need, which also shows on the display.
9. Smoke outlet: ø 80 mm, inlet ø 50 mm.
10. Electrical supply: 230V-50Hz-1Ph. 120V-60HZ, 100V-50HZ
11. Remote Control: it is helpful to have the functions of on and off; Power low or high; temperature low or high; Auto or manual in your hands within 10 meters scope.
12. Automatically clean the dust inside the Burner: it is solved the problem of clogging to the burner when the ash value of biomass pellet is over 2%. Reduce the frequency of your cleaning times
Model M1 M2 M3 M4
Rating Power  6 KW 9KW 12KW 9 KW
Heat Area  60M2 90M2   90M2
Dimension(W*H*D)  463*718*507MM 463*918*511MM 542*1020*555MM 458*908*502MM
Weight  70KG 80 KG 95KG 80KG
Fuel  Wood Pellet Wood Pellet Wood Pellet Wood Pellet
Hopper Capicity  16KG 20 KG 28KG 20KG
Consumption for Pellet(Min-Max)  0.6/1.2 KG/H 0.8/1.8 KG/H 0.8/1.8KG/H 0.8/1.8 KG/H
Automatic Burning Time(Min-Max)  16/27 H 17/37 H 17/37 H 17/37 H
Efficiency  90% 90% 90% 90%
Rating Valtage and Frequecy  230V/50HZ 230/50 V/HZ 230/50 V/HZ 100-400 W/H
Electronic comsuption  100-400 W/H 100-400 W/H 100-400 W/H 230V/50HZ
Air inlet Pipe  50MM 50 MM 50MM 50MM
Air outlet Pipe  80MM 80 MM 80MM 80MM
Certification TUV CE EN14785 TUV CE EN14785 TUV CE EN14785 TUV CE EN14785
Package Carton with pallet
(one carton for one stove)
Carton with pallet
(one carton for one stove)
Carton with pallet
(one carton for one stove)
Carton with pallet
(one carton for one stove)
QTY/20"/40'/40HQ 88/184/264PCS 88/188/192PCS 60/120/120PCS 88/184/184PCS


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