Biomass cooking & heating stove


wood burning heaters


1. Ignition time is short, 2 mins is ok.
2. Heating is strong, Furnace heating surface is reasonably arranged, heat transfer is rapid.
3. Fast heating speed, make room warm in 30 mins.
4. Time of banking up a fire is long, keep offer heating when banking up a fire.
5. Strong fire for cooking, can cook and boil water when heating.
6. Wide fuel range, biomass briquette, wood pellets, coal and other fuel can all be used.
7. Easy operation, simple charge and clean ash.
8. Energy saving and eco-friendly.


Model Heating area Thermal power Fuel consumpton Pot circle Size Weight Material Chimney size Fuel
CNS-70 70m2 8.2kw 1.2-1.5kg/h Dia 24cm 44*34*50cm 43kg

stove body, steel;

Stove cover, cast iron;

Chamber, refractory.

Dia 120mm,

length 4m at least

wood pellets,

biomass briquette,

charcoal and so on.

CNS-120 120m2 14kw 2.3-2.8kg/h

Big Dia 24cm;

small dia 22cm.

54*39*62cm 95kg

Dia 140mm,

length 4m at least

CNS-150 150m2 17.5kw 3-3.5kg/h 70*37*67cm 135kg
CNS-200 200m2 23.4kw 4-4.5kg/h    



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