Smokeless biomass cook stove

The stove CK-B series include two models CK-B1 and CK-B2, They ae our hot sale proucts, because of  its beauty and efficiency for gasification technology.

Sencer biomass energy solutions


Sencer biomass energy solutions


Sencer biomass energy solutions

Sencer biomass energy solutions





Wide range of fuel: charcoal, Wood pellets, biomass briquette, fuel wood, poultry dung, coal and agro- forestry wastes, etc. 


Gaification technology & Strong firepower: only need 8 mins to boil 5kg of water, its firepower is stronger than the traditional stove such as Honeycomb coal stove, gas stove, biogas stoves. The max of stemperature can be up to 1000 degrees . 


Multiple functions: Apply for boiling water, cooking, stewing, barbecuing, keeping warm, heating, etc. It is widely used in rural households, various restaurants, large stall, urban and rural hotel.


Simple operation:

* Small volume, light weight, not need to install, can be moved freely, any place to put.
* Ignition convenient: a piece of paper can be lit, at once the fire can be achieved by normal combustion. 
* sustainable charging/feeding. It has a continue material mouth, being used for a long time to fire.
With continued feeding port, you can add fuel any time not moving pot, not turn off, not smoke, fire size can be adjusted through the twitching ash pan.
High efficient, energy saving: Adopting secondary combustion technology, saving more fuel however firepower is stronger than traditional stove. 5kg water can be boiled in 8-12 minutes, 2kg fuel can keep burning for 2 hours, 5kg fuel can be made three meals a day for a family of five. 
Environmental protection and healthy: The parts of stove full are sealed. Indoor is smoke-free, outdoor smoke is little, no pollution, good for health.
Safe and reliable, long life span: The parts with fire are all refractory and heat resistant cast iron. The stove core adopts thickened high temperature resistant insulation materials, under normal maintenance can be used more than 10 years.
Beautiful/fine appearance shape: the humanized/friendly design, beautiful appearance




Approximate lifetime: 8 years
Fuel Types used: Biomass (Ag. Residue, Processed Biomass, etc.)Crop residues Pellets / Briquettes
                                                 Sencer biomass energy solutions
Information for consumers
Burner numbers:                                                              1                                                            1      
Pot circle Diameter:                                                      32cm,                                                     32cm
Oven:                                                                              NO                                                          NO

Charging door:                                    NO, we can add the charging door                        Yes, size 20*14*35cm

Chamber capacity:                                                       2-3kg                                                       2-3kg

Fuel consumption:                                                         1kg/h                                                       1kg/h

Chimney: Diameter 120mm and length 3m at least


General information 
Dimensions (l/w/h):                                                   50*40*55cm                                             50*50*60cm

Weight:                                                                          50kg,                                                           60kg

Manufactured in China,

Materials: steel, casting, refractory material

Fire cycle/cover: cast iron,  Stove chamber: Molding refractory material, Stove surface: mm steel plate, Stove body: mm steel plate

Accessories: a stove bar, a hook  

Manufacturer's warranty available? Yes ,1 year standard warranty

Local assembly possible? Yes, Materials needed for local assembly: chimney.

Includes instructions? Yes, Instruction details Manual documents: Quick start guide, Assembly instruction, Detailed operational instructions



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