Outdoor stove BLYC series

BLYC Sereis stove can be used outdoor for camping, and three models. We make the upgrade in material and structure.

Before, from left to right, they are BLYC-3, BLYC-2, BLYC-1.

BLYC Outdoor small biomass stove


Now, we called them BLYC-M Series.

Family member of outdoor stove BLYC-M Series.




Structure of camp cooking stove BLYC-1

Salient Features:

1. Light weight and portable, can work outsdie easily.

2. Sencondary air in hole, make fire strong and flame spurt towards center.

3. Black lever. Control the fire via the lever adjsut the fire air in ( the bottom aire in).

4. Simple operate and clean.

Note: BLYC-Max can be for BBQ.

When start the fire, put the lever to the right and make enough first air in. Put the wood at the bottom and branch on top, only a paper can ignite.


Salient features of BLYC-M stoves.

Ash, sufficient combustion



                  Weight of BLYC-M outdoor stoves.

Material:                         Stainless steel 201                                      Stainless steel 201                                      steel plate



Package size:



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