Portable stove with a 10 Watts Thermoelectric Power Generator


With special air flow arrangement in design, the stove can provide just enough air combustion to reduce smoke by natural ventilation and to save the fuel.

Using the thermoelectric technology, the small generator built into the stove can generate the electricity during the cooking by utilizing a small heat from the stove.

The stove is good for thermoelectric modules, fan, heat collector and heat sink. The thermoelectric modules will turn a bit of heat from the stove into electricity to power the fan and give extra 10 watts. The fan is powered by its own generator to cool down the cold side of the thermoelectric modules.

The generator is equipped with the outputs of 14 VDC for deep cycle battery charging, and of 12VDC or 5VDC for powering electronic products.


Portable biomass stove with thermoelectric generator can charge your ipad


Working Principle

working principle of portable wood burning stove with thermoelectrical generator




Part of portable stove with electrical generator.


The natural ventilation airflow is circulated for combustion burning



(1) Open the air control valve in side of the stove to get the air flow into combustion chamber from the holes in the bottom of stove.
(2) Use like wasted paper or kerosene, butane, oil or small wood sticks and others easy burning stuffs to ignite, and add small dry woods in beginning to have      the flame going large. And after, you can start to put briquettes or wood chips or biomass  into stove for cooking. Please do not add too much fuel in one        time, and add a bit while by while for well burning.
(3) You can adjust the air control valve to control the flame easily, or close for slow cooking.
(4) You will see the cooling fan of the generator start running after around 2 minutes of cooking. You can enjoy the electricity only when the fan is running in       full speed.. 
how to use this camping stove

Please see on the demonstration videos in web site to learn how to use. 

(1)  Do not touch while in use. 
(2)  After 5 minutes the stove is lighted, please check if the fan starts to rotate. If you do not see the fan running, Please stop and check.
Packing List
(1) 10W portable stove with a thermoelectric power generator                     one  set
(2) Cigarette lighter (with USB port)                                                                 one  set
(3) Battery charging clip                                                                                    one  pair



Part Number: TEG-BS-10W-12V-1

Output Power: 10 Watts

Output Voltage: 12 VDC from car cigarette lighter adapter, 5 VDC from a USB port

Output Voltage from Charger: > 13 VDC

Maximum Temperature: 450 °C ( Hot surface ) for generator

Dimension Size:  386 mm × 386 mm × 325 mm

Weight:  5.2 kg



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