Raw material
The wood pellet machine ZLMG420 is able to make pellets from both hardwood and softwood. Due to its small size and light weight, this wood pellets making machine is widely used at home or on farm for individual usages, usually making various biomass resources. 
raw material of 420 wood pellet machine
Working Theory
designs and working principles of flat die R type pellet machine
Just like other household pellet mills, this machine also is flat die machine, which means the die in the pellet mill is horizontal with a set of rollers above it. 
When making pellets, flat die is stationary while the two rollers run to push the raw material evenly on the flat die and meanwhile compress them into the holes of the die to form pellets. 
In this pelletizing process, pressure and friction are used to increase the temperature of the wood materials, which in turn allows the lignum to soften and the wood fibers to be reshaped into pellets. And after the wood pellets come out of  the pellet machine, they are air-cooled, the lignums solidify, and the pellet is formed. 
And a series of knives fixed on the main axis will cut the pellets on the other side of the flat die immediately to make sure that the pellets have the same length. And the length can be changed by adjusting the position of the knives.

structure of electric 420 wood pellet machine


Structure of PTO and Diesel 420 wood pellet press



features of 420 wood pellet mill


1. Real auto lubrication on Roller & bearings of main shaft, furthermore, the bearings works in closed room so that both bearings and grease are isolated from pollution.  All this not only save you time on maintaining machine, but also extend the service life of bearings.
2. It's the R-type design (roller rotating instead of flat die rotating) allows the raw material to enter the pellet press vertically, this can on one hand prevent material blocking, on the other hand make it easy to press coarse fiber material, so that the raw material range is wider, and no additive is needed.
3. A temperature detector is equipped on flat die, so that the operator can know the machine operation status without delay and adjust the feeding capacity.
4. Adding two groups of holes on body to decrease the temperature in working room.
5. Adopt heavy reducer and spiral tooth gears in gear box, so this transmission system can conveying more torque and running stable.
6.   Modifications on The Dies
* We change to use the new better material alloy steel (42CrMo) and forging processing, vacuum hot treatment. So the life time is prolonged about 50%.
* Die is made by digital drilling machine, so the surface of die becomes smoother, With a better compression ratio, it increases the efficiency of pelletizing by 60% compared with the last generation.



Pellet Dia














46kW (62hp)











Note: The exact output is decided based on your raw materials for pelletizing. 

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