Since the stove has no smoke why still need the chimney ? And What is the requirement for the chimney ?

Reason:  At beginning, it has smoke.  when it burning has not smoke, becuase some users are not familiar with how to use it. so it can produce some smoke. Besides,  the chimney can add the draft  and make the firepower stronger
Requirment: At least 3M above for the vertical height. The chimney higher, the draft stronger. Then make the fire stronger. 

Lifespan of the biomass stove ?


What is the different from biomass stove with traditional stove ?

* Gasification technology.
* Eco-friendly, Saving fuel
* Sufficient burning

What the fuel can be used for the biomass stove ?

Many fuels can be used such as firewood, straw briquette, biomass pellets and other agro wastes such as branch, leaves and so on. Pellets and briquette are recommended.